It all starts, of course, with the beans.

And not just any beans, our freshly-roasted, biodynamic coffee beans. Ground on-site and served within 24 hours to ensure unbeatable freshness and taste.

But the early starts grinding our own beans aren’t the only thing that makes our coffee special, the water we use is also critical as we strive to serve the best coffee for miles around.

PristineHydro filtered water

Our coffee is made using only the purest water, courtesy of our in-house filtration system from PristineHydro that uses a 10-stage process developed in Orange Country, California to provide some of the healthiest, purest H²O around!

Add delicious food and a warm welcome

And you’ve got California Coffee & Wine! Why not try us out today, or, you can have our delicious coffee beans delivered straight to your door, ground to your chosen level, either as a one-off or weekly using our Coffee Club subscription service. Click below to explore more!